Inflatable Bathtub with Electric Air Pump and Water Bag for The Pregnant, Elderly, Disabled


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  • 【A BETTER BATHING EXPERIENCE】– The PAYRFV Inflatable Bathtub is unrolled and inflated around you, allowing for a convenient and safe bathing experience for you and your caregiver; a double-layer design helps prevent splashes and spills. Our bathing aids make bathing at home easier, safer, and more comfortable for people who are bedridden or have limited mobility, as well as their carers. re bedridden or have restricted mobility, as well as their carers.
  • 【MATERIAL】— Made of PVC, it is lightweight and soft, making it easy to use. It’s simple to transport and store. For bed-bound persons, an inflatable bathtub with an inflatable strip cushion and an inflatable triangular pillow for the head allows for easy and safe full-body washing. A hose with a shower delivers a soothing stream of water where you need it. Using a nylon cable hangs on an IV pole, bedpost, or any other high mount hook.
  • 【COMFORTABLE & EASY】— A portable bathtub simplifies a bath for a person who is bedridden or with limited mobility by allowing full-body to be washed in bed easily and conveniently. Shower-type water bag. The Water Bag can contain up to 8 liters of warm tap water, which is plenty for a full shampoo and rinse, If the water is not enough, you can repeat the water storage.
  • 【UPGRADE DESIGN】— Anti-reflux air nozzle plug, two-plug precise design of the inflation port, and backflow prevention sealing operation. Simultaneously, we have an improved version of the inflatable and deflated electric air pump, which inflates the inner and outer components in just 60 seconds. At the bottom, there is a drainage system with rapid drainage and no residue, as well as a thick PP hose.
  • 【PACKAGE INCLUDE】— 1* Inflatable Bathtub, 1x Inflatable Pillow, 1x Sprinkler water bag (8L), 1x shower hose, 1x Pump, Inflatable triangle pillow. 74″ x 37.4″ x9.8″. For the handicapped, aged, bedridden patient, and hospital usage in those who are bedbound or have limited mobility. With a proposition that is temporary, portable, and permanent.
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Adult PVC Bathtub with Water BagBath in Bed Assistive aid for Disabled, Elderly, Bedridden PatientEasily Bath in BedShower Bath Basin Kit

1. About time

Avoid the fasting or post-meal full-time period, that is, 1 hour before meals and after meals, defecate first before bathing, bathing time is appropriate for 10-15 minutes, bath time is appropriate for 5 minutes.

2. Shower benefits

Long-term bedridden pregnant women, the elderly and disabled patients regularly shower and clean, wash at least 1-2 times a week, clean the body to promote repair, promote blood circulation, clean the skin, prevent bedsores, promote joint movement, and improve the user’s mood, which is convenient The caregiver observes the health status of the user.

3. Matters needing attention

It is advisable to soak the water below the chest when taking a bath. Submersion of the shoulders in the water will increase the burden on the heart and increase physical exertion. After the bath, dry your body immediately, change your clothes, replenish moisture, and rest quietly for 30 minutes.

Tips for the inflatable bathtub:

1. The bathing tank is divided into two layers of inflation, Do not inflate too much to avoid gravity pressure bursting!

⒉This bath trough can only be used on the bed.

3. All inflatable products only need to be filled with three-quarters of the air volume when in use. If the air is too hard to use, it will be uncomfortable and affect the service life.

4. Direct contact with sharp and hard objects is strictly prohibited to prevent puncture and air leakage damage


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